Don Lemon slams FNC for politicizing Colin Powell’s death



On CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight Monday, the host wanted to reflect on the life and career of General Colin Powell, who passed away earlier in the day. But first, during his cross-talk segment with fellow CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, Lemon took issue with multiple Fox News anchors who began raising questions about vaccines “literally minutes” after the news of Powell’s passing broke.

“Shame on them,” Lemon said. “I just found it to be disgusting. I cannot believe it happened. Every day I’m more surprised when that happens.”

Lemon played a couple different examples of anchors on Fox News quickly turning the news of Powell’s passing into a discussion about vaccines, and also highlighted a twice-deleted tweet from Fox’s John Roberts, who also began to question the vaccine’s efficacy earlier in the day.

But Lemon also pointed out that his peers at Fox News were not very quick to mention that Powell had many underlying factors that contributed to his death, including the fact that he was 84-years-old and suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Plus he suffered from a blood cancer known as multiple myeloma — precisely the kind of “immunocompromised” condition that experts have said from the start could lead to lower vaccine efficacy.

And Lemon said that medical experts have already said that Powell’s passing should not lead to any concerns about the efficacy of the coronavirus vaccines, but rather a further emphasis on getting vaccinated to help protect the more vulnerable parts of the population, like Powell.

Lemon went on to discuss the impact and importance of Powell’s contributions to the country over the years, and shared a few personal anecdotes from the time he spent with Powell and things they discussed. Which is probably why, while discussing Fox News’ coverage of Powell’s passing, his frustration left him reaching for phrases like, “Don’t know any better” and “Don’t have the chops,” when describing those anchors.

“Seriously?” he wondered after one clip. “A man just died and this guy can’t wait to make it into a fight about vaccine mandates? It is disgraceful.”

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